All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

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ECOVE Provides High Value and Practical Total Solution to Circular Economy ECOVE excels in playing a core role in managing energy from waste which resources are integrated to provide a “Total Solution” for the transportation, incineration, solidification, materialization, and burial of business waste in the park. The service helps government units and owners reduce transpo

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ECOVE Won Environmental Protection Awards for Three Consecutiove Years The industrial manufacturing processes in Tainan Science Park are rapidly evolving. Numerous types of waste require processing and are complicated in nature. The processing procedures include incineration, solidification, physico-chemical treatment, and landfill.

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ECOVE's Fluidized Bed Incinerator Operated at Full Capacity for Five Consecutive Years Fluidized beds have the advantage of uniformly incinerating waste with high water content, low heat value or complicated composition through high heat capacity bed material. As they are easy to operate at lower loading and can start up and shut down quickly, they are widely applied.

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ECOVE listed among “Top 100 for Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility” for four successive years by CommonWealth Magazine “ECOVE cares for employees to enlarge CSR benefits,” said by J.J. Liao, the ECOVE Chairman. Liao indicated that ECOVE pays great attention to the physical and mental well-being of its employees. When ECOVE actively cares for its employees and provides a healthy and safe working environment, its empl
ECOVE Receives Praise from Owner for Upgrading the Efficiency of Kanding Energy-from-Waste Plant Compared to the condition before the upgrade, the daily processing volume increased from by nearly 150 tons, and the operating rate was increased from 73.3% to now full capacity. This upgrade has effective relieved the City from the pressure of waste treatment. In this project, ECOVE demonstrated hi
ECOVE Taoyuan Plant Awarded the "Grade A" Waste Disposal Organization for Highly Promoting Resource Cycling Efficiency ECOVE, has long been dedicated to improve resource cycling efficiency; the efforts have been recognized with the annual evaluations for incineration plants organized by Taoyuan City Government. ECOVE Taoyuan Plant, taking lead in the performance among the 24 incineration plants in Taiwan evaluated,
ECOVE Builds the Largest Photovoltaic Power Plant at Tainan Xin-Ying Landfill ECOVE Solar Energy Corporation has completed construction of Tainan Xin-Ying Landfill PV Power Plant, generating about 9 million kWh green power which could supply for 2,500 households yearly and cut down 4,750 metric tons of carbon emission annually, equivalent to the amount of CO2 absorbed by 12 D
ECOVE Delivered a Speech on Energy-from-Waste O&M Experience at the Global Harbor Cities Forum ECOVE has operated and managed 11 EfW Plants in Taiwan and is known as the most reliable provider of Energy-from-Waste (EfW) services over the past 20 years. With its rich EfW experiences, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), which organized the workshop on urban waste manageme

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Fulfilling ECOVE's CSR through Employee Care ECOVE pays great attention to the physical and mental well-being of its employees. In addition to regular health checkups and annual health week activities, the company conducts blood dioxin health testing and tracking every five years for employees with higher risk of exposure after risk...