All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

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Suggestions for the Multi-Approach Waste Management Policy and Upgrading EfW Plants In June 2017, the Executive Yuan announced the Multi-approach Waste Management Plan, which will be implemented over a span of 6 years (2017 to 22) with a total investment of around NT$15.4 billion from the Government. This Plan is expected to upgrade 11 incinerators to extend their service life for

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Gasification, popular? Incinertor, out of fashion? An Analysis on the Waste Treatment Factory Pros and Cons As the world’s focus begins to shift to the issues concerning energy saving, carbon reduction and circular economy, renewable energy has come onto the center stage of national development for many countries. Waste-to-energy, which entails the concept of turning the heat generated from burning waste

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ECOVE Claims the World's First BS 8001 Certification, Becoming the Pioneer in Circular Economy Since all waste today can turns into resources tomorrow, Circular Economy becomes one of the major global trends now. ECOVE Environment Corporation, facing such a new economic model and change, regards the challenge as the opportunity for business and the advancement of technology.

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ECOVE Environment Services Corp. Receives Recognition from Owner for Providing outstanding Maintenance Service for Linkou Water Resource Recycling Center The Linkou Water Resource Recycling Center (Linkou Water Center) is the first secondary sewage treatment plant constructed and operated by the New Taipei City Government.
ECOVE Environment Services Corp. Receives Praise from Owner for Upgrading the Efficiency of Gangshan EfW Plants Gangshan Incineration Plant is an incineration facility owned by the Kaohsiung City Government. The City commissioned the incineration operation to TSC in 2001.
SINOGAL-Waste Service Corporation Joined " Walk for Millions 2017" Activity to Solicit Donations for Macau Charities SINOGAL-Waste Service Corporation, a joint venture of the industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE with CTCI, Consulgal Group and Consulasia, actively participated in community collaboration and made generous response to " Walk for Millions 2017" charity for funds on Dec.11th, 2017.
ECOVE Receives 4 Awards at the 2017 Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards ECOVE Environment Corporation, the industry-leading resource cycling services provider, has long been dedicated to corporate and responsibilities economically, socially, and environmentally; the efforts have been recognized with the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability and Awards (TCSA) for ...
ECOVE Tainan Cheng-Hsi EfW Plant Honored with Environmental Awards from EPA and Tainan City Government for Carbon Footprint Disclosure Tainan Cheng-Hsi Efw Plant, operated and managed by the industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, has long been dedicated to carbon footprint activities and carbon emission disclosure with a data of 340 kgCO2e, authenticated by SGS, an inspection, testing and certification services

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ECOVE, Taiwan's First Class Environmental Management Brand, Marches into the Global Market As we send off the golden rooster and usher in the year of dog, I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year. Time passes without traces, but the fruits of ECOVE’s efforts are showing prominence.