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SINOGAL-Waste Service Corporation Joined " Walk for Millions 2017" Activity to Solicit Donations for Macau Charities

SINOGAL-Waste Service Corporation, a joint venture of the industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE with CTCI, Consulgal Group and Consulasia, actively participated in community collaboration and made generous response to " Walk for Millions 2017" charity for funds on Dec.11th, 2017. Peter Wang, now the president of SINOGAL-Waste Service Corporation, and colleagues took to Macau streets and appealed to the public for donating to the local communities. On behalf of the ECOVE company, Peter Wang donated MOP ten thousand to the charitable organization.

For the charity fundraising, the Macao Daily Fund for Public Welfare Foundation has been holding " Walk for Millions " charity event for 33 years. At first, the fund only called on a small group of compassionate people to engage in walking to raise money for charities. Up till today, the charitable activity has become one of major annual fund-raising events in Macao; people come together to raise funds for people in need in the community.

SINOGAL-Waste Service Corporation, established in Macau in 2009, is the sole entity responsible for operation and maintenance of the Macau Refuse Incineration Plant. In 2010, Sinogol partnered with ECOVE Environment Corporation in a joint venture to provide operation and maintenance services for the Macau Hazardous Waste Treatment Plant. With the public spirit, taking from society and giving back to society, ECOVE and Sinogol will actively engage in Macao charitable causes to benefit local people, give back to the society, and seek mutual prosperity.