All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

Publisher's Words


ECOVE, Taiwan's First Class Environmental Management Brand, Marches into the Global Market

As we send off the golden rooster and usher in the year of dog, I wish everyone a happy and prosperous new year.

Time passes without traces, but the fruits of ECOVE's efforts are showing prominence.

Looking back to 2017, ECOVE Environment Corp. and our subsidiaries have shown the world brilliant performances in corporate governance and environmental sustainability, as well as our contributions to bring harmony to the society. We have not only received the world’s first BS8001 Circular Economy Audit Statement, but also won the Corporate Citizen Award of the CommonWealth Magazine and the Taiwan Corporate Sustainability Awards in four major categories - Top 50 Corporate Sustainability Award, Corporate Sustainability Report Award, Transparency and Integrity Award and Circular Economy Leadership Award.

To expand our business territory and seek opportunities for international cooperation, we launched a new brand, ECOVE, in October 2017, deriving from two words – “Ecology” and “Trove” for the meaning that the Earth we live in is a trove of diversified resources. ECOVE represents our commitment to continuously exploring the treasured resources in the environment through three development areas in Energy from Waste (EfW), photovoltaic power and recycling under the model of “enhancing resource recycling efficiency”. ECOVE will present Taiwan’s solid technology and experiences in the resource recycling industry to the world. 

Starting from 2018, ECOVE Environmental Corp. will reformat our printed corporate journal in electronic format under the name ECOVE E-Newsletter, taking the lead to conserve energy and cut down carbon emission. This E-Newsletter will be published worldwide in Chinese/English bilingual format, making information of ECOVE’s core technology known to the domestic and international clients.

To celebrate the debut, we will launch several information-packed columns in the first issue. “Market Topics” will bring an insight into the diversified waste management policy of Taiwan. ECOVE has confidence and full capability to effectively upgrade the incineration plants for service extension with enhanced power generation and pollution prevention efficiency. In the “Key Technology” column, we will present an analysis on an hot topic in the world, which is exploring the advantages and disadvantage of gasification and traditional incineration, to provide a reference to the world for selecting a suitable waste treatment technology. “Corporate Innovation” will present our efforts in achieving a circular economy and the ECOVE innovative business model through “the world’s first BS8001 Circular Economy Audit Statement” received by the ECOVE Environment Corp. 

Looking into 2018, ECOVE strives to enhance the resource recycling efficiency because we believe “Every Resource Counts”. We are driven to become the most reliable leader in sustainable resource recycling and committed to creating a triple-win for our company, the environment and the society. 

I would like to thank you again for your long-term support. We at ECOVE Environment Corp. are getting ready to bring you dazzling achievements in 2018.