All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

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Towards Zero-Waste: ECOVE Strives to Build a Circular Economy The traditional linear economy operates under the model of “excavate, manufacture, use and dispose”. Mass consumption and disposal means that raw materials are being depleted in an unprecedented rate.

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ECOVE in Circular Economy: Wastewater Purification In January 2018, ECOVE won the contract for operations of the Linkou Water Resource Center. After we took over the operation of the plant, we dispatched employees with professional certifications to implement every link of the operations stringently. Our employees enjoy labor cr

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From the Corporate Culture of Safety, ECOVE Develops into Diverse Areas of Circular Economy ECOVE Environment Corp. provides a full range of circular resource services from energy-from-waste, wastewater recycle and solar power to PET bottle. As we operate across continents, we face varied risks and cultural differences, but safety is always the priority in ECOVE Environment Corp.

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ECOVE Built Safe Workplaces and Won HSE Awards from CTCI CTCI, the leading engineering firm in Taiwan, implements health, safety, and environment(HSE) management in the business operation not only shows the professionalism, it is also the base for CTCI to relied on. In April, CTCI held”2018 CTCI Group HSE week activity” to demonstrate the importance of HS
GDDC will Build Taipei’s Largest Solar Power Plant on the Roof of the Beitou Depot G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC), a subsidiary of industry-leading resource cycling services provider ECOVE, announced on 13th Apr. that it obtained the bid of the solar power plant at the Beitou Depot. GDDC will complete a total capacity of 3.8MW photovoltaic power facilities, the largest sola
ECOVE Invited to Attend the EAEO Forum to Deliver a Speech on Experiences in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Taiwan ECOVE kept improving its operations to recover as much energy as possible. ECOVE's successful experience in the treatment of garbage and wastes was appreciated by the European-Arab Environment Organization (EAEO) and has been invited to the Egyptian Environment Forum to deliver a speech.
ECOVE Receives Recognition from Owner for Providing outstanding Maintenance Service for Linkou Water Resource Recycling Center The Linkou Water Resource Recycling Center (Linkou Water Center) is the first secondary sewage treatment plant constructed and operated by the New Taipei City Government.
ECOVE Receives Praise from Owner for Upgrading the Efficiency of Gangshan EfW Plant Gangshan Incineration Plant is an incineration facility owned by the Kaohsiung City Government. The City commissioned the incineration operation to TSC in 2001.

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Recycle and Reuse: A Mile forward in Circular Economy ECOVE has gained a firm foothold in Energy-from-Waste (EfW) and recycling; extending the business into solar power, PET bottle recycle and wastewater treatment. We have anchored ourselves in an advantageous position in the development of circular economy. However, the global issue of water...