All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

ECOVE Innovation


From the Corporate Culture of Safety, ECOVE Develops into Diverse Areas of Circular Economy

ECOVE provides a full range of resource cycling services of energy-from-waste(EfW), waste water recycle, solar power and PET bottle, operating in Taiwan, China, Macau and the US. Before undertaking new projects, we assess the risks stringently and establish safety warning mechanisms through intelligent and data-driven operational systems to ensure that our workplace is “zero accident” and “zero occupational hazard”.

Statistics and Smart System Ensures Workplace Safety and Gives Our Employees Peace of Mind

At ECOVE,“zero occupational accident” is not just a slogan. It is a firm steadfast belief and the specific action of our company. Through hazard identification and risk assessment, ECOVE keeps strict compliance with our “Operational Safety Control System”, which requires us to list the high-risk factors at the work sites and integrate the list into our proprietary Maintenance Management Information System (MMIS) and Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to prevent missing our risk items. In addition, in our pre-operation toolbox meeting, we set up collaborated review, work authorization, trilateral checks and final confirmation of work process to ensure the safety of our operators.

In addition, we also encourage our middle and senior management to “walk the floor”. Our “Joint Management Walk” brings our managers to see and get a feel of the workplace with their eyes and feet. Our “BBS Operational Safety Observation” alerts our employees and suppliers of real-time safety issues and share safety information. And our “Safety Stop, Look and Listen” campaign raised employees’ awareness on safety through posts on the bulletin board and reminders at meetings and gathered information for future improvements.

“Share A Words of Safety Board” Shares Information across the Plants

"Work for a better future; safety for a better life."

"Safety is more important than making money."

"Your safety is the happiness of your family."

There is a large wall at each plant of ECOVE, and the board wall is filled with messages reminding our employees to observe safety. This “Share A Word of Safety Board ” is an action of Mr. Hu Shi's idea: “publishing is the best way to absorb knowledge.” We invite our employees to write down their slogans for personal safety management and post their slogans on the board. Their slogans are catchy and easy to understand enough to raise safety consensuses among our employees.

Since the boards were set up in 2015, the slogan fever has not faded away. Our employees participated in the campaign enthusiastically. Visitors and reviewers to our incineration plants will be very impressed with our coworker’s creativity. Their innovative ideas have made every member of ECOVE proud.

Another campaign similar to Share A Word of Safety Board is "Safety Moment".

ECOVE followed the step of CTCI, its parent company. Starting in 2017, a 10-minute “Safety Moment” is conducted before a meeting at any level commences. This innovative practice allows the meeting participants to share safety concepts, review recent accidents and news events and remind each other the correct safety practices and risk prevention.

Lead SMEs to Improve Workplace Safety

The workplace safety system and professional knowledge developed by ECOVE was not only applied internally, but also “exported” to other businesses.

In 2017, ECOVE Environment Service Corp., an affiliated business of ECOVE, joined Tainan City’s “Safety and Health Family” campaign and organized the “ECOVE Cheng-Hsi Safety and Health Family”. In this campaign, Tainan Cheng-Hsi EfW Plant took the role as a “core corporation” and led small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve the safety of their workplaces. ECOVE achieved brilliant results and received “excellent” rating from Tainan City Bureau of Labor Affairs. Director Mr. Wang Hsin-Chi presented a certificate of appreciation to commend the achievement of ECOVE. Our achievement in workplace safety does not stop here. Our company and colleagues have also won:

1.The highest honor for corporate workplace safety performance from the Ministry of Labor: the Corporate Benchmark Award of the National Occupational Safety and Health Awards.

2.The occupational safety “Five Star Award”: Six EfW plants and resource recycle centers operated by ECOVE at Xindian, Shulin, Miaolu, Houli, Tainan and Southern Taiwan Science Park were recognized by the Ministry of Labor for excellence in occupational safety. Among them, the plants in Xindian, Houli and Tainan won the occupational safety “Five Star Award”.

3.The “Occupational Safety Excellence Personnel Award”: Currently, there are 14 professional EHS management personnel at ECOVE and 6 of them have been recognized for the “Occupational Safety Excellence Personnel Award”.

National Occupational Safety and Health Benchmark Corporation Creates Workplaces with the Highest Safety Standards

ECOVE envisions itself to become the “most reliable” leader in circular resource. We actively collaborate with the central and local government in policy implementation and observe the occupational safety standards closely, as well as setting up comprehensive workplace safety systems internally. To taking ECOVE for an example, all plants operated by the company are certified for the International Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS 18001) standards. 

In the future, ECOVE and its affiliates will continue to push forward a full range of occupational safety measures. We believe that “there is no compromise in work safety”; therefore, we are committed to building safe workplaces, aiming for the highest achievement.