All resources around us count.
How efficiently we make use of them impacts our world today, and tomorrow.

Hot News


ECOVE Built Safe Workplaces and Won HSE Awards from CTCI

GDDC will Build Taipei’s Largest Solar Power Plant on the Roof of the Beitou Depot

ECOVE Invited to Attend the EAEO Forum to Deliver a Speech on Experiences in Municipal Solid Waste Management in Taiwan

ECOVE Receives Recognition from Owner for Providing outstanding Maintenance Service for Linkou Water Resource Recycling Center

ECOVE Receives Praise from Owner for Upgrading the Efficiency of Gangshan EfW Plant

SINOGAL Awarded the Contract for Upgrading Facility at Existing Plant in Macau Refuse Incineration Plant

GDDC, Turned Kaohsiung Harbor Area into Photovoltaic Power Facility, Honored with “Golden Boat Award” from Taiwan International Ports Corporation

ECOVE Tainan Cheng-Hsi EfW Plant Granted a Certificate of Appreciation from Tainan City Government for Providing Health and Safety Tutoring Services