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ECOVE Built Safe Workplaces and Won HSE Awards from CTCI

CTCI, the leading engineering firm in Taiwan, implements health, safety, and environment(HSE) management in the business operation not only shows the professionalism, it is also the base for CTCI to relied on. In April, CTCI held”2018 CTCI Group HSE week activity” to demonstrate the importance of HSE.

ECOVE, an affiliate of CTCI, received five awards in “HSE photo shooting contest” and “safety moment slide group final selection”. The number of awards is the highest among the CTCI business groups and showed thoroughly ECOVE’s safety culture.

Starting in 2017,“Safety Moment”is conducted before a meeting at any level commences at CTCI. This innovative practice allows the meeting participants to share safety concepts, review recent accidents and news events and remind each other the correct safety practices and risk prevention. ECOVE headed by Chairman J.J. Liao won the second and third place awards among 18 final selections in this contest.

Figure 1. The second place work of safety moment slide final selections - “Do Not Use Mobile Phone While Driving” provided by J.J. Liao, ECOVE Chairman.

Figure2. The third place work of safety moment slide final selections - “Moment-Ladder Use Precautions” provided by M. C. Huang, the manager of ECOVE Miaoli Energy Corporation.

Furthermore, in order to enhance colleagues' safety awareness and concepts, CTCI held a “HSE photo shooting contest”, a total of 138 works registered. ECOVE won two merit awards and the best creative award which shows that ECOVE adheres to the corporate philosophy of “safety first”.

Figure 3. The winner of HSE photo shooting contest” Teamwork” provided by W. Y. Chou from ECOVE Project Dept.II.

Figure 4. The winner of HSE photo shooting contest ” Safety Is The Only Way Home” provided by F. C. Chen from ECOVE Tainan Science Park Resource Recycling Center.

Figure 5. The best creative work of HSE photo shooting contest “ Challenge Water Treatment” provided by W. Y. Chou from ECOVE Project Dept.II.