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G.D. Development Corp. Successfully "Reduce Carbon and Produce Energy," Contributing Multiple Growth in Revenue The green energy policy of Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs is essential to the development of solar power in Taiwan. According to the policy announced in 2017, the installed capacity of solar power is expected to reach 20GW by 2025, and the annual generation capacity will reach 25 bil

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Lumberton Solar Power Plant Operated by G.D. Development Corp. Praised by Resolution from the New Jersey State Council for Effective Carbon Reduction Besides cooperating with local governments and transportation industry in Taiwan, G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC) had also actively evaluated the solar power market in the U.S. The Lumberton PVPP was the very first project that GDDC had developed, invested, built, operated and held 100% equity a

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ECOVE Introduces the EGR Technology to Optimize the Effectiveness of Air Pollution Control Wujih EfW Plant is the first BOT plant in Taiwan. It is invested, developed, and operated by ECOVE Wujih Energy Corporation, a subsidiary of ECOVE Environment Corp. Operation and maintenance are carried out by ECOVE Environment Services Corporation, a subsidiary of ECOVE Environment Corp. In recent

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ECOVE Evaluated as Top 5% in the” Corporate Governance Evaluation System” Organized by Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation for Four Successive Years Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) and Taipei Exchange (TPEx) announced the 2017 Corporate Governance Evaluation Results. ECOVE were evaluated as top 5% of the 1,536 TWSE listed companies and the TPEx listed companies. The TWSE and TPEx launched“Corporate Governance Evaluation System”, conduc
ECOVE Listed by the Newly Launched Taiwan Sustainability Index ECOVE, active participated in community collaboratiob industry-leading resource cycling services provider, has long been dedicated to corporate and responsibilities economically, socially, and environmentally; the efforts have been recognized with Taiwan Sustainability Index (TWSI),
Five Energy-from-Waste Plants Operated& Managed by ECOVE Honored with the Excellence Awards in EPA 2017-2018 Annual Appraisal ECOVE, has long been dedicated to improve resource cycling efficiency; the efforts have been recognized with the annual evaluations for incineration plants organized by Environmental Protection Administration (EPA). ECOVE Miaoli Plant honored with the premium award; Keelung Plant, Taoyuan Plant, Hou
Public Officials from Countries Interested to Learn ECOVE Energy-from-Waste Practices Visited Miaoli EfW Plant ECOVE has operated and managed 11 EfW Plants in Taiwan and is known as the most reliable provider of Energy-from-Waste (EfW) services over the past 20 years. With its rich EfW experiences, the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF), which organized the workshop on urban waste manageme
ECOVE Introduced the Bang & Clean Technology to Improve the Boiler Operation Rate above 90% in Keelung EfW Plant ECOVE, the Taiwan’s largest resource cycling services provider, is operating and managing the Keelung EfW Plant. Since the fourth season in 2017, ECOVE has introduced a Bang & Clean technology, developed shockwaves form explosion bags, into the ash area of the superheater to clean ash out. It was fa

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Caring for Employees to Enlarge CSR Benefits ECOVE pays great attention to the physical and mental well-being of its employees. In addition to regular health checkups and annual health week activities, the company conducts blood dioxin health testing and tracking every five years for employees with higher risk of exposure after risk...