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ECOVE Introduced the Bang & Clean Technology to Improve the Boiler Operation Rate above 90% in Keelung EfW Plant

ECOVE, the Taiwan’s largest resource cycling services provider, is operating and managing the Keelung EfW Plant. Since the fourth season in 2017, ECOVE has introduced a Bang & Clean technology, developed shockwaves form explosion bags, into the ash area of the superheater to clean ash out. It was far more convenient than Shock Pulse Generators(SPG) used in general in that the operator did not need to shut down the incinerator, reduce loading, or change the existing equipment. The further benefits are that the boiler operation rate is improved above 90% and increased the amount of garbage disposal and power generation at the Keelung Plant.

The incinerator in the Keelung EfW Plant did not run well because of ash accumulation caused by narrow pipeline clearance of the induced draft fan. In order to clean ash out, the operator in the plant had to shut the incinerator down for 400 hours each year, which not only reduced energy efficiency but also increased staff workload.

ECOVE, specialized in operations and maintenance (O&M) service in the EfW sector, provided with overhaul, upgrading and improving systems and equipment services for 17 out of 24 EfW plants in Taiwan. Through effective maintenance, advancement and upgrading of plant equipment, ECOVE will constantly develop innovative technologies and advance EfW efficiency.

The comparison before and after performance of Bang & Clean technology. The left one is before ash cleaning, and the right one is the result after adopting Bang & Clean to clean ash out.