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Key Technology


Lumberton Solar Power Plant Operated by G.D. Development Corp. Praised by Resolution from the New Jersey State Council for Effective Carbon Reduction

Besides cooperating with local governments and transportation industry in Taiwan, G.D. Development Corporation (GDDC) had also actively evaluated the solar power market in the U.S. The Lumberton PVPP was the very first project that GDDC had developed, invested, built, operated and held 100% equity and assets in the U.S. The project was the third largest investment Taiwanese enterprises had in the Eastern United States.

Figure 1. Panorama of the Lumberton plant, New Jersey, the U.S.A.

The Lumberton PVPP, New Jersey located between the financial center, Manhattan, New York City, and the political center, Washington D.C., covering an area of nearly 200,000 square meters (50 acres). After six years of development and construction, the grid was officially connected in April 2016. The 33,180 pieces of PV module of the Lumberton PVPP were able to supply approximately 12 million kWh of green energy, equivalent to the effect of carbon reduction of 17 Da'an Park, Taipei City. It has been beneficial to reduce green house emission and ease global warming.

A Reliable Team that Turns Crisis into Turning Points

The Lumberton PVPP was the first investment project GDDC had in the U.S. With environmental and weather, societal, legal and cultural differences, the process of execution was full of obstacles and challenges. 

For example, the U.S. has always valued the protection of historical and cultural heritage. In 2011, when the project was prepared to be executed, the team received a notice from local court out of a sudden, and the notice stated that dinosaur fossils might be buried under part of the site at the south west wing. In order to protect the historical remains, the construction must be stopped. After several times of exhausting hearings and court sessions, it was understood that the informant lived in another state and lacked sufficient evidence. Subsequently, there were rumors floating that there might be Native American historical site beneath the site; however, there were no substantive evidence to support this claim. All of these episodes had delayed the process of the project.

Furthermore, the construction of the Lumberton PVPP encountered the severest hurricane and snowstorm of a century in Eastern United States. Deep snow and ice led to suspension of the construction, and the resumption of work was quite difficult. Especially, at the last stage of grid connection, the deep snow seriously influenced the schedule and manpower arrangement. With the non-stop hard work of the team and the coordination, cooperation and support of the U.S. PSE&G team, the grid connection finally finished before the deadline. The Lumberton PVPP began the operation earlier than scheduled, and the crisis became the tuning point. The performance of the team was highly appreciated and recognized by the owner:

【 Highly Recognized by the Cooperative Partner 】

James A. Calore, Technical Executive of PSE&G, New Jersey

After years of difficulties and efforts, the team was finally able to complete the Lumberton project, which would have been a great challenge even for local American. Perseverance was the key, and "Where there's a will, there's a way" was the motto of the team along the path.

Figure 2. During the construction of the Lumberton Solar Power Plant, a snowstorm was raging in the Eastern United States, adding even more difficulties.

Figure 3. Thanks to the effort of the GDDC team, the difficulties caused by the weather and environment factors were successfully overcome, and the Lumberton Solar Power Plant was completed earlier than scheduled.

Making Good Use of Intelligent,Data-Driven Operational Systems to Monitor the Oversea Plant

Even with 12 hours of time difference between New Jersey and Taiwan, GDDC has managed to overcome the limitation of space and time. From development to the stage of construction and operation, discussion of drawing, transmission of documents, meetings and various managing works were mostly done through internet and cloud technique. The GDDC had provided cloud management beyond the limitations of time, boundaries and weather. In addition, since the day the grid connection completed, the operation of the plant has been monitored through Internet, cloud, computer and cell phone. As of today, the operating has been normal, and the volume of power generation has met the expectation.

The Project Created More Jobs for Local Workers

Since the early stage of development, the project team of GDDC had faced various obstacles, such as dramatic changes of prices in equipment and raw materials, changes of working condition in the U.S., and limitation of local regulation, etc.

The GDDC team hired local lawyers, accountants and consultants to review the complex procedure so as to obtain the construction incentive from the U.S. federal government, Solar Renewable Energy Certificate (SREC) from the New Jersey state government and to complete various procedures required by local government. Also, the GDDC employed local professionals in long term to coordinate with federal government, state government, local government and grid network company to apply for development and to solve the crisis brought forth by "limitation of construction order," which was proposed by the government with the purpose of stabilize supply and demand of the market during the period. During the construction, the GDDC also followed regulation of the local government and the strict union system. All of the on-site employees were the members of the union. The GDDC created jobs for local workers, and the project was successfully undergone by utilizing local professionals.

Assembly Resolution No. 249, State of New Jersey Recognized the improvement made by GDDC in global warming issues

At the beginning of its operation, GDDC was under manpower shortage. The team needed to handle business from Taiwan during daytime and put themselves in the execution of this project during nighttime. Under time pressure and various challenges, GDDC team had racked the brain and gotten the best of every difficulties one by one. Finally, a large-scale solar power plant located at global economic and political center was completed. The plant was able to supply 9.5 MWP of green energy every year to the customers living in the East Coast of the U.S., which was a great contribution to global renewable energy.

Assembly resolution No. 249, State of New Jersey was passed on June 29, 2017, and it indicated that the annual energy output of the GDDC-ran Lumberton Solar Power Plant was 12 million kWh, which reduced 23,000 tons of carbon emission. It was a great contribution to ease global warming.

Figure 4. In 2017, Assembly Resolution No. 249, State of New Jersey recognized the power supply capacity of and the result of carbon reduction made by the Lumberton PVPP, GDDC.

Why GDDC ?

We have had extensive skills and experiences, solid financial and managing system, lean and clean human resources, and outstanding performance.

The core business of GDDC is the investment, development, construction and operation of solar power plant. GDDC continued to enhance energy management, implement low-carbon and sustainable operation and optimized the installation environment and market of solar power in Taiwan. Recent awards earned by the execution of project in Taiwan were as follows:

● 2018 Golden Boat Award from Taiwan International Ports Corp.
● 2017 Top Ten Outstanding Enterprise.
● 2017 Kaohsiung City Photoelectric Smart Building 
                Certificate(Special Award & Bronze Award).       
● 2017 Top Solar System Awards.
● 2016 Solar System Awards.

GDDC has successfully stepped out from Taiwan to the U.S. market and invested large-scale ground-mounted power plant. In the future, besides working on the U.S. market, GDDC will also focus on other major global markets, looking for suitable investment targets to expand the operation scale. Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in working with us.

Figure 5. GDDC has won many awards related to solar power. The performances of projects are highly recognized by central and local government.